E-commerce has taken over the world by pleasant surprise & the business houses are realizing the online value proposition of customized products to earn some quick revenue. Customers, over the last few years have been found shopping more online for clothes, accessories & necessary household stuff. We are experiencing more online traffic than traditional footfalls in market places. Our recent hectic lifestyles, busy schedules & tightrope balancing of professional & personal life can be held accountable for this sudden increase in online shopping. Online shopping portals provides a plethora of customized goods ranging from suits, shoes, bags to smartphones, personal computers, furniture & household items.

A recent survey among 10000 consumers in the age group 25-40 revealed 25-30% interested more in online shopping instead of traditional marketplace hanging around. Some popular brands lured by this new prospect, have devised fresh strategy to cash in on the value proposition. They arrange to distribute their goods through online customized shopping portals. That is in addition to their regular presence in traditional market place. Customized online portals are different from regular online portals which are more of a logistic organization. For example, in an online portal we purchase what we see exhibited on the portal along with their specification however in a customized shoe portal, the color, bottom & below of various style & design is exhibited & we can pick & choose according to our taste & preferences. The impression using the various styles is sent across the brand that arranges for the logistics & ensures the delivery within stipulated time period to the consumer.

The trend of ecommerce customization is gaining ground simply because the end user feels responsible & accountable as a co creator. The customer now is more actively involved in modification of styles & design instead of earlier dependence on the standardized visual design. The psychological boost to create some unique design eventually leads a person procure that stuff even though he might not be willing enough to go for it initially.

The fact that one can influence the shape of an object, get involved in designing a branded product promotes emotional attachment. Out of this passion & ownership consumers are willing to pay premium for customized product which otherwise they would not have paid if it were a readymade product.

Women are more prone to exercise this experiment of customization as by nature they prefer to wear & show off their unique possession as compared to men’s instinct. There has been found a significant difference in the shopping behavior of men & women. Women are more focused on experience while men are more concerned about the end product. Customization process is more effective when the target consumers are women.

We at agency organix take special care in maintaining the thin line between value & effort. The more the effort in styling an object, the consumer will be willing to pay a premium for it however when too much of time goes into making a product the same experience can be annoying & the consumer might back off altogether. Our job is to ensure the consumer invests time & enjoys paying the premium but never backs out because of annoyance factor. The credit for this competence goes straight to the professional expertise of team agency organix.